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            For the professional, child, adult, or...Musical Newborn! Whether you are a pro who would like some technical or musical feedback and suggestions, or an absolute beginner in need of guidance and a foundation that will take you to the stars if you so desire...My aim is to provide for my students the tools for realizing the swiftest musical growth and acquisition of technical skills that will allow you fullest expression, whether improvised or written. As will be apparent in our consultation and/or first lesson, my approach integrates a holistic and (non-sectarian) spiritual perspective.

        In addition to the standard strings and piano, I teach all the instruments of the New Violin Family, the so called Octet, researched and invented by Carleen Hutchins, founder of the Catgut Acoustical Society. Among these instruments, the Alto Violin, otherwise known as vertical viola, is being played in a number of major orchestras as well as by soloists. It is an instrument with the tuning of a viola and, unlike the standard viola, the exact proportions of a violin. The tone is equal if not superior to that of the average viola, and it is held like a cello. Being substantially smaller than the cello, musicians reap significant technical advantages in playing viola solo repertoire and parts.

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For a conversation regarding your needs and aspirations, and for scheduling, phone 510-409-3939.

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